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A delicious tale of family dysfunction ….. An uncommonly skilled debut.

Sarah Murdoch, The Toronto Star

Melanie Hobson's Summer Cannibals is a vibrant, vicious family portrait ….. and pity the stranger who'd interrupt it.  As each family member is developed, their differing attitudes about the others become clear; the effect is stunning ….. Discontent rumbles and then crashes down, thanks to the airing of decades of family offenses -- resentments that have been carefully tended with the same attention that is given to the rose garden that wraps around the family's funky mansion.  By turns darkly comical and horrifying.....

Meredith Grahl Counts, Foreword Reviews, Debut Fiction Special Section

Hobson's debut novel is packed with complex relationships and a torrent of emotions as she lifts the highly composed veil from a seemingly put-together, affluent family and brilliantly exposes the lust and betrayal behind their palatial walls.  The intricacies of Hobson's characters and her exceptional new voice will keep readers riveted.

Emily Park, Booklist

...the novel's surreal, sexually avid, sometimes fairy-tale world ….. keep the reader off balance within a teetering landscape.  A tale of scorching family dysfunction that ranges among the gothic, domestic, and carnal, snagging the reader's attention with its odd, unpredictable vision.


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